Sunday, 23 October 2011

Plenty to see here...

I mentioned the other day being about to travel on one of my favourite stretches of railway line anywhere - and today I have just travelled back along it in the other direction! This is the stretch of line in South Devon, between Starcross and Teignmouth - where the line travels so close to the sea that at times it feels like a miracle that you don't have wet feet, and where in stormy weather the waves crash right up and over the trains. Today WAS a stormy day - although oddly it didn't feel like that at all back in Dartmouth where it was a beautiful warm autumn day. By the time we hit that stretch of coast though the wind had whipped up and the tide was high enough that the waves were looking spectacular!

I could have done with my binoculars today - countless different birds - some forced towards the coast because of worse conditions out to sea I suspect, lined the coast from the masses of sparkling white Little Egrets on the marshes to the inky dark Cormorants occupying a wrecked vessel along the coast a little further. Then assorted Ducks (unidentifiable at the distance) and waders galore - curlews, Godwits and flocks of Turnstones wheeling in the air like shoals of mackerel - first light, then dark. All in all a lovely journey, and one which I always enjoy!


Ps - apologies for the poor quality of today's photo - from my defence it was taken through the none-too-clean window of a moving intercity 125!

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