Saturday, 31 December 2011

Another day, another beach!

At Blackpool Sands today, just along Start Bay from Slapton where we were yesterday, to meet Ben's Brother Ed, Sis-in-Law Emma and baby Sam for a walk - not forgetting Wurzel & Rusty the dogs - who were indeed the excuse for the walk in the first place! They were also the excuse for a lot of ball throwing - which all parties enjoyed! The weather was much as yesterday - grey, misty, and with a fine rain falling, but it was pleasant enough walking regardless.

We arrived a little ahead of Ed & Emma so had a wander along the beach ourselves first - the rocks at the end proved to be fascinatingly covered in barnacles, mussels etc as the picture above shows. Also rocks shaped like birds - can you spot it?! Spotting things in rocks is a little like finding stuff in clouds I think...if you can relax your mind to the possibilities then there's no end of things there to be just have to look!


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