Wednesday, 30 May 2007

What big eyes you have...

Just for my Mum, today's post. This owl was one of many we saw at the Essex Craft show on Saturday. I can't for the life of me remember what variety he is - maybe someone reading this can leave a comment and let us know? Either way though those big brown eyes were looking so soulful everyone who went near him was saying "Ahhhh!"
The weather this week hasn't been improving any - we've had rain pretty much steadily since the weekend - with tomorrow being the first half decent day we've been promised in a while. Good timing too as I'm off to the Suffolk Show during the day, and then of course it's speedway in the evening. I'm meeting Pat at Foxhall just after 9am tomorrow - certainly the earliest I've ever been up there and I'd best hope that Bob's there as early as he says he should be so I can leave my car! We'll then come directly back to Foxhall after the show for the meeting - the timings should all work out quite well.
Some slightly unhappy news on the speedway front tonight - Oxford are out of the league with immediate effect due to quite simply not being able to make ends meet. It's a crying shame - their fans have been totally mislead by one half of their promotion team and I feel for both the fans and the other promoter (Who seems to have been left to pickup the pieces) hugely. Chins up guys - you'll be back next season I'm sure and I for one shall miss my visits to Cowley this year.

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