Saturday, 16 June 2007

Scurrying about...

I must confess to being somewhat lazy about posting to here recently. Time seems to have got away from me a bit with the result that I've put nothing up for a fortnight, and indeed this shot is from the Suffolk Show which I attended back on May 31st.

I spent abit of time around the main ring, and one of the most entertaining events of the day was the Double Harness Scurry racing final - boy oh boy can those little ponies shift! The team pictured emerged as eventual winners from an action packed final - don't they look magnificent in full flight?

My PhotoZone72 website will shortly be undergoing a refurb so keep an eye on that. At the moment text is being re-written, updated photos selected and options for a new background etc being considered by my excellent webmaster and good friend Ross of ABC Data Recovery - as soon as there is any news on the refurb being completed I will let you all know.


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