Monday, 2 July 2007

What a night!

Well, Cardiff on Saturday night - what can I say! I am truly delighted to be able to post up the picture on the left - showing Brit Chris "Bomber" Harris getting drenched in champagne on top of the podium at the British Grand Prix.
The meeting itself was superb - there wasn't really a dull heat all night. We were thankful for the Millenium Stadium roof as it was bucketing down for much of the day and evening. Had the meeting been held in a traditional open air stadium there is no way it would have gone ahead but of course with the roof closed fully there was no problem!
Conditions for the camera were a bit tricky. With no natural light at all it was always going to require a high ISO. I'd already decided that shooting RAW was going to be the way to go, and from there I just set up manually at 1/160th and f5.6 - which was wide open with the 70-200mm & 2xTC. On dowloading and processing the pics yesterday evening I was pleased to find that I got it about right - a good number of sharp shots and very little underexposure. Must make a mental note for next year that I can get away with the ISO slightly lower to save on noise.
It was a miracle I got anything at the end - to say the atmosphere in the stadium was emotional would be an understatement!

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