Thursday, 26 February 2009

Hebrides Countdown 2009.....part 3

A definite highlight of the Hebrides is the marvellous white sandy beaches and sparkling clean seas and lochs.  This picture pretty much sums up the word "sparkling" I think! Our first walk when we get up there is usually a beach one - West Beach on Berneray has become a favourite, three miles of wonderful white sand and peace and quiet! This year we have been considering taking a look at Vallay - an uninhabited island off the north west coast of North Uist - to get to it you have to check the tide times carefully - you basically need to follow the tide as it recedes in order to gain as much time as possible on the Island. The main attraction over there is the ruin of Vallay House which looks absolutely fascinating. I think setting an alarm to warn us when the tide is on its way back would be a good plan though, and we will definately be carrying a compass just in case the story told in the article I have linked to comes to life!


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