Sunday, 21 February 2010

Kung Hei Fat choi!

It was the London Chinese New Year Celebrations today, and as ever it was a great day out.  The overwheming impressions all day are of colour, aroma, and the broad smiles on the faces of those involved in the celebrations. Everywhere you look there are stalls selling good-luck trinkets, childrens toys, and all manner of foodstuffs from "Dragons Beard Candy" (Kind of like a very fine angel-hair sort of stuff) to the more standard sort of egg fried rice and sweet & sour chicken (Can anyone guess what we had for lunch?!). The other thing you see everywhere are the chinese lanterns in the picture above. In past years they have been pretty much all red (traditionally a symbol of good luck in china) however this year they varied dramatically in colour - including these pink and green ones!

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