Thursday, 8 April 2010

What a load of..


You may know I have a bit of a thing for quirky signs. I like ridiculous pictorial ones (somewhere not too far from here there is a "Beware of the Hens" sign complete with a picture of a madly flapping hen!) and I also know of a "Cats - please take care". When we were here last year I blogged "Caution - Disabled driver!" if I remember correctly.  I also like those which, like the one above, are trying to make a serious point, but thanks to poor use of the English language, say something different to that which was intended. (I may well have blogged the one seen by the side of the A1 at a closed for refurbishment petrol station which said "Very slow contractors working") The one above is a firm favourite and has been for many years now - I live in hope of one day seeing someone attempt to carry out the instruction contained in it. I'm sure one of these days someone at Caledonian MacBrayne will realise the mistake, and it will be corrected, until then though we will continue to snigger each time we board one of their ferries and spot the sign!


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