Saturday, 4 June 2011

A project...

As I've mentioned, we're trying to grow things this year. Edible things, to be specific. As a result our little balcony is running distinctly short on space, the wall is now crammed full, there are pots in a plastic tray on top of the barbecue, and still more on the's becoming a problem. This afternoon inspiration has struck however, and for a change I haven't prevaricated about it to avoid actually *doing* it - I have got on and started!

Above is one of a pair of wooden fold-out tables - we've had them for years and frankly they are getting a bit the worse for wear - the one above has an unvarnished top which means it has just got old looking... this us bearable. It's partner in crime however is not looking so reasonable as the varnish has discoloured and blackened...ugh! So - the project is - slap some green wood preservative (which we already have from when the wooden flooring tiles that you can see on the floor of the balcony were done) on the unfinished table, and rub the other one down before repeating the process on that....right then - let's go!


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