Friday, 27 May 2011

Saving the World...

We're currently down in Cornwall for a few days. In the interests of economy the tent is out, and good old Tesco clubcard reward vouchers are providing some days out while we are here! Today they took us to the Eden Project which we enjoyed so much when we were down here last year.

One of the things that Eden makes you think about is the whole "Reduce, Re-use, Recycle" thing - we're so quick to just dispose of things we've finished with or are broken - going back to the war, and the post-war years, nobody would have dreamed of just throwing away anything that could possibly be pressed into service to save you having to part with your pennies to purchase.

My favourite pair of black combats recently developed a couple of holes, purely where the fabric had given up through wear and tear. A friend, hearing me mention having repaired them, was surprised - "why didn't you just replace them?" came the question. Several reasons - not least the cost - the chances of me finding a pair I like as much from a charity shop are tiny! Also, clothes I no longer wear usually get taken to our excellent local hospice shop, but obviously not if they are damaged. Suitable garments past the stage of giving to charity get turned into dusters, but these would not suit that, and the idea of just throwing them away and into landfill is horrendous!

All in all, much as I do indeed hope that Eden saves the world, I think we'd better make sure we have a go at it ourselves, too.


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