Thursday, 18 June 2015

Weekend 1 of many...!

Truly silly Selfie with the Chinook boys! 
Well that's the first two shows of the season done! Not the greatest of weather for either - we had little bursts of sun both days but mostly the sky was a dull fat grey/white, not conducive to many nice pictures, sadly. Still we had fun - on Saturday at Biggin we were the "default" gang - me, Claire & Tom, plus Anthony. As ever we caught up with various people through the day too, including the Red Arrows "Red 10" - Lingy - and to finally meet his lovely girlfriend properly was an unexpected pleasure too!

Sunday was a long haul on the train for me up to RAF Cosford - I'd originally decided not to do this one as the car-park was chaos last year and I had visions of not getting home until the early hours (it's a good 4 hours drive from me even without the added airshow traffic) but then realised that I could easily do it on the train, and in fact the train fare was cheaper than the diesel would have been! All went like clockwork and I arrived bang on time - I'd happily do that route in future years! A bigger group of us for this one - as well as Saturday's gang we were joined by the lovely Kate and Aunty Di (actually someone else's Aunty - but she's adopted us!) - absolutely lovely to see them again! Lots more on the fringes too - including Colin, Layna and little Logan who had made the trip down from Scotland. The shows are such a good chance to catch up with people - there are always gaps in the flying which gives you time for a natter, and natter we did!

Martin - Circus 10 - relaxing before the Reds display slot...
Lots of new people met too which is always nice - this year's Red Arrows "Circus 10" - Martin - a lovely lad who is clearly very much enjoying his backseating role this year, the new Tutor Display team Manager Andy (and a catch up with Tutor Display pilot Andy - this isn't going to be confusing at all is it! - who had to walk about 2 miles to come and find us after his promised transport from his aircraft couldn't get through the traffic!) and also as you can see above three of the Chinook Display Team lads - Brett, James and Davie who we bumped into on our way wandering through the showground as they were coming to find Kate and her promised biscuits! More biscuits were delivered to the Red Arrows PR team too - I can see that being a feature of this season!

We got to do our own little bit for the Reds PR as the team arrived overhead for display - Photographer Fletch was looking to shoot another picture for their Armed Forces Day portfolio and wanted us in the middle of it! Great fun even if it did mean that we weren't allowed to actually watch the boys arrive overhead! More on those photos and Armed Forces Day itself in a future this space!

Thoroughly looking forward to the rest of the season now - it seems like we've really got some fun ahead of us again!


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