Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Truth or lies?

I've been reading my way through the great blog from Charlie - aka "The Runner Beans" and came across her post about false impressions given on social media about the way people live their lives, specifically relating to fitness and diet. Let's face it, I bet there is hardly a blogger or instagrammer out there not occasionally guilty of putting their life into "soft focus" and only showing the good bits? It's natural to want to show the best of ourselves, rather than confessing that yesterday, we ate a breakfast that contained more calories than we burned off in the entire very rainy day. (Yes, this actually WAS me yesterday!)

Charlie posted this list which came from a study carried out by KP Nuts, apparently, so I thought it would be fun to take a look and see how I stacked up with some truths...

  1. I drink more than 1 litre of water a day During the week, yes I do, and it's often more than 2. At weekends though I can be shockingly bad at forgetting about hydration.
  2. I don’t watch much telly I watch a lot less than MrEH but still probably more than I'd like. I do have a few shows I will make a point of recording (By a Tuesday night when he's at rugby training I'm always itching to catch up on casualty, for example!).
  3. I only drink at weekends It's a rare week when this one isn't true - although my weekends do start on a Thursday night, it should be remembered! If I do drink during the week though it's because we're out somewhere and it will be beer rather than wine or spirits.
  4. I visit the gym regularly Generally once a week.
  5. My kids aren’t allowed sweets No kids, and the chances of me stopping MrEH from eating sweets is next to zero! I don't eat much in the way of sweets myself although I do enjoy a bit of good dark chocolate on occasion. 
  6. I have a normal BMI It's getting there - finally - last time I got on my scales they told me 24.8 so *just* in the healthy zone finally. 
  7. I never eat takeaways This is definitely not me! At home we have a takeaway about once a month - with occasionally a second one creeping in there. If we're away at weekends then there will often be one somewhere along the lines there too - the weekend just gone this was the most fantastic fish & chips!
  8. I don’t really like chocolate I have far more of a savoury taste than sweet, but I do enjoy chocolate from time to time. If you gave me a straight choice between a bar of Dairy Milk or a packet of Cheese & Onion though the crisps would win every single time!
  9. I don’t like the taste of alcohol Really? People say this? I definitely DO like the taste of alcohol - especially in beer or gin form! And of course in moderation drinking can be a great way to get out and socialise with friends, too.
  10. I’m not a fan of fried food This is too general, surely? I frequently use my frying pan at home, usually with just a teaspoon or two of rapeseed oil, but we don't eat deep fried food at home particularly. 
  11. My kids love vegetables Again - no kids. MrEH probably eats more veggies than he would if he was single though if that counts? 
  12. I never eat fast food See no. 7 above...although in terms of the "usual suspect" fast food chains - McDonalds is a "never" - this is on grounds of principle following some rather dubious activities that they supported years ago. BK & KFC are a "very occasional" - and I tend not to enjoy them particularly when I do these days. 
  13. I lift really heavy weights The only weights I own at home are dinky 1.5kg ones. I don't do any free weights stuff at the gym at all at the moment - and the leg-press machine is the only one I set above 25kg, currently! 
  14. I only shop at organic supermarkets I pretty much never buy organic. I'll be honest, I'm unsure whether the benefits of doing so are great enough to justify the much higher price tags. Instead we try to focus on buying British as far as possible, and in the case of meat, always British free range/higher welfare.
  15. I don’t eat any saturated fat Crisps contain saturated fat. Therefore I DO eat saturated fat. ;-) 
  16. I won’t have processed food in the house Cheese is made via a process and is therefore, surely, processed? Seriously though, generally speaking we avoid ready meals and similar and usually cook from scratch from bare ingredients. It's just the way we prefer to eat. 
  17. I have never tried a kebab My answer here is much the same as Charlie's - shish kebabs....mmmm! 
  18. I don’t eat carbs at all Pfft. I have days when I eat precious little but carbs! 
  19. I’ve run a marathon Nope. And that is highly unlikely to change, too. Absolutely get why people go out there and do it, but have zero wish to run one myself, thanks! 
  20. My children never eat fast food As above, no children to think about. If we had, I'd hate for them to be the "strange ones" at school for never eating fast food - but I would make sure that rather as when I was a child, it was a treat rather than a regular occurrence. 
So there you go - I reckon I'm pretty much the same as most people when it comes to food and eating - there are things I could do better for sure, but equally some of my choices are probably better than a lot of people's. I'm pretty active, and tend to watch what I eat during the week and relax a lot at weekends. Ultimately I really enjoy nice food, and taking my weekdays as mostly in calorie deficit and exercising a fair bit means I can get away with splurging a bit more at weekends. It works for me. 



The Busking Blues said...

Reading blogs/posts by people who have presented their life in "soft focus" used to make me feel completely inferior, especially as a new mother. I usually tried my best but there were times when things slipped and I did things that were against my philosophy - using disposable diapers if I hadn't washed the cloth, letting the kids have Happy Meals as a treat, eating butter as a main dish ;) , driving the 1.5 miles to school because I couldn't be bothered to walk, etc. It took me a long time to embrace myself with all my faults and realise that most of the bloggers were full of BS. Now I can easily admit when I've had a donut day or binge-watched Nashville for 10 hours when I should have been doing paperwork. I do try to improve daily on the unhealthy food/actions/relationships but don't punish myself anymore when I slip up. Admitting your flaws helps people relate to you on a much a deeper level.

Robyn said...

BB - Yep - that is EXACTLY it isn't it. we all know in our hearts that "Comparisons are odious" but it doesn't stop us looking at what others make into "normal" and feeling as though our rather more crumpled existences don't quite match up. It's not that people don't have the crumples that we do, it's that they choose not to show them to us!