Monday, 18 June 2007

East of England Country Show...

We headed off to the East of England Country Show yesterday. It was being held at the east of England Showground at Peterborough - the same venue as the peterborough panthers speedway track - in fact the showjumping pictured here was taking place on the centre green which was slightly surreal!

It was nice to be able to have another attempt at some showjumping shots - and in slightly friendlier weather than the glaringly bright sunshine at the Suffolk show the other week. I think I'm starting to get it cracked now - it's practise more than anything and I'd like to try and take in some more at some point later in the year. I still enjoy watching it from a "horse" perspective as well as a "photo" perspective.

One thing which did strike me as being glaringly obvious yesterday was that in spite of walking right round the showground in the course of the day there was not one single mention of the speedway ANYWHERE. Now I appreciate that the cost of a stand at the show almost certainly would be ruled out on basis of cost (although as the showground owners are the speedway's landlords, surely a subsidised deal could have been worked out?) but surely a sign somewhere along the line, or indeed a mention in the programme under "other events at the showground" in the same way that the local Rugby team had a one-liner in there? There are plenty at Ipswich who would have you believe that Colin Horton is some kind of speedway-superhero, but I have to say in the light of this I beg to differ. On passing the stadium on Foxhall road there are several references to the speedway on the outside, and if you attend the stadium for another event you enter right underneath a large photograph of Chris Louis in full flight with the "Ipswich Witches Speedway" banner attached. An excellent ad and one which it would be hard to miss!

Stepping down from my soapbox and veering onto a different subject - I'm hopeful that my newly ordered Macro lens should be with me some time this week. I'm really looking forward to having a go at some "real" macro stuff - I even bought some new plants at the weekend so I have something to practise on!


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