Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Danger? Or signs of the times?

Sometimes, when we are out and about, we see a sign by the roadside which either makes us look at each other in bewilderment, or burst out laughing. The first of the shots above was undoubtedly a "burst out laughing" sign - exactly how dangerous IS this person that a sign is required warning oncoming motorists of the possible peril in their path? If such a sign is warranted, the question must be asked should the person referred to be driving at all?! Absolutely hilarious, and seemingly a total waste of someone's money in erecting these signs (oh yes - there is one of these a hundred yards or so each side of the driveway!)
The second sign above falls firmly into the "bewildered" category - I can assure you that having stood taking this picture, I felt that there would not be the slightest risk to me in entering the area. There were no man-traps lining your path to a table, ready to catch you in their vice-like grip should you unwittingly stumble off course... the most vicious animals in the vicinity were the sheep, and the low circular structure to the right of centre is simply a flower bed, not an unfenced well ready to swallow an unwary child.... the most amusing thing is that anyone encountering this picnic area in the first place must, to have reached it, travelled along several miles of narrow, single track road, booby-trapped on a regular basis with blind summits and unexpected twists and turns. Frankly if you've survived that then a picnic area is (possibly quite literally!) a piece of cake!

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