Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Never believe the weather forecast....

Metcheck had us down for steady rain through most of today, and quite frankly first thing this morning you would have believed them as when we got up the rain was still splattering against the windows and even the sheep were starting to look fed up with it....!
We had, over breakfast, been browsing over the OS map of this area, and had spotted a series of ruined cairns and a stone circle not so far from here, so at the first sign of the weather clearing we decided that it was time to chance it and set off 3 miles up the road to a handy parking place. It was a fairly stiff climb to the first cairn - but this was more to do with the terrain itself than it being particularly steep. Heather and boggy ground do not make for easy walking, and both of us went in above the tops of our boots at least once. We then cut across the hillside to the stone circle (about half of it visible, and quite likely to be older than Stonehenge) before making our way to the summit for the best of the views. By this time the sun was out as you can see, making it just the perfect setting for the super-wide angle lens to come out of the bag....
Bird wise we've had another good day seeing among other things: Stonechat, Meadow Pipit, Cormorants, Redshank, Skylark, Grey Plover again and Wheatear - quite pleased with that last one.  So far we've seen 32 different species of birds in 4 days....Mum - I expect you to be impressed!

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