Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Due to conditions beyond our control.....

.....the picture today isn't actually from today. Instead, I give you this Oystercatcher from yesterday. Best description I've ever heard of these is that "it looks like a magpie, carrying a carrot" - no arguing with that, really, is there?!

We went to bed last night with the wind blowing so hard it was turning the bathroom extractor fan in reverse direction - meaning that cold air was flooding into the bathroom....not ideal. We awoke this morning to more of the same, only partnered with some squally rain as well just for good measure. We did venture out, but stayed in the car most of the time, getting out only when necessary (shop for groceries, lunch at our favourite cafe) and the cameras have been left here all day, meaning no photos at all. Our ferries from the mainland have run as normal today, but Stornoway/Ullapool have had cancellations, and no boats have run from here to Harris, or from Eriskay to Barra, all day. Barra in fact has had no service at all as their ferries from the mainland were also cancelled. There was nearly no post at all on here today as we were without power for several hours earlier on....thankfully it was fixed and we are now fully lit up and internetted once again!

Normal service may be resumed tomorrow -on the other hand, and looking at the weather forecast - it may not.


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