Sunday, 28 March 2010

In a tangle.....

We'd always intended to do a beach walk today - it makes such a nice start to the break and there is something very calming about it....the weather today was anything but calm though! We walked out along the beach at Malaclete - just across from the deserted island of Vallay which we visited for the first time last year - it looks as though the house has taken a battering from the winter storms and lost some more and tides dependant we may make it across again this year to take a closer look.

At the far end of the beach we walked on was a raised area of dunes which we crossed - and on the opposite side we found crashing waves and an extremely strong blast of wind, plus this peculiar tangle of discarded rope, nets and buoys - something about the colours of it really appealed and the shot you see above is exactly as composed in camera - no cropping required on this one. My original plan was to take all the colour out of the background simply leaving the bright colours of the tangle to do their thing, but on getting it on screen back here it was easy to see just how little colour there was elsewhere in the scene, making it (in my view at least) unecessary. 

The wind has changed direction tonight, making our roaring peat fire a necessity rather than a luxury.


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