Wednesday, 25 May 2011

It's not all rabbit food, you know!

As some of you know I have started trying to eat more healthily. It's absolutely not a diet, I don't "do" diets, although I have the utmost respect for somebody like the lovely Frugal Queen who manages to stick successfully to a fairly strict diet plan, it's not the right course for me. This is about changing my mentality regarding food as much as anything else - eating more mindfully and evaluating the issues I have around food, if I can deal with those then the rest is a breeze!

So - there are a few provisos to all this - the food needs to be appetising as well, I'm happy to eat salads as often as anyone, but a bowl of limp lettuce just doesn't make the cut! It also needs to combine well with a regular mealplan as I'm having to feed Ben as well. I've not got a limitless budget so if I'm spending more on additional fruit and veg, something else has to be cut back on to maintain the financial balance. BOGOF offers are excellent, and at this time if year of course seasonal produce is starting to fall in price.

Above is yesterday's lunch - salad of mixed leaves with tomato and radishes for sweetness and peppery crunch respectively. The dressing is low fat yogurt with mint & parsley. Three Hebridean oatcakes add the bulk element and also taste delicious! It was delicious - if healthy eating can always be like that, count me in!


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