Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Sunny Day Tree

This tree can be found on the grassy area in front of where we live, and each year it surprises us. You look at it one day and it's just starting to show the slightest touch of green, but still looks very "winter-ish" then the next day, suddenly it is in full leaf, crying "Spring's here!" with glee! In the Autumn it describes the opposite behaviour, with the leaves turning from green to brown almost overnight, and then, at the first blustery storm of winter it shrugs off its overcoat and drops it on the floor for all the world like a truculent teenager just in from school. We missed the leaf-break this year - when we headed off to the Hebrides it was still completely bare and brown - as usual we worried slightly that it might have succumbed to some disease over the winter - but by the time we came back it was as you see above. It's the most beautiful shape too - perhaps at some point I might put up a picture of the whole thing. For now though, with the beautiful blue sky and wispy clouds also looking to get in on the act, this is all you're getting!


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