Friday, 1 May 2020

Day 39...

Small things.... My first attempt at sourdough turning out unconventionally shaped, but tasting good.
Banter with fellow customers in the queue at Tesco - we united in laughter at a ridiculous little man who decided to be rude to a member of Store staff, and yes, we did do it fully in his hearing!
A brief chat with my parents when dropping off their shopping this morning.
Technology enabling ongoing conversations with various friends - WhatsApp, iMessage and twitter messaging.
Discovering a recipe for a Muffin Loaf Cake - easiest thing ever, and SO tasty!
Dodging the rain showers to go out and get the bits done we needed to, and then sitting indoors watching it positively pelting down outside...
Being paid! Some careful watching of the bank accounts will need doing this month though.
Ticking a few more items off my long list of “things I might do during the Lockdown” - no “musts” here, just a mix of things we might want to do, little odd jobs around the house, and some odds and ends we’ve previously talked about but never got round to it...
Feeling quite content to just spend time cooking, and fiddling about with our latest jigsaw, and talking...

What small things have made your life better today?


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