Monday, 18 May 2020

Day 56...

Back to photo processing for me again today - I’m treating that as my work at the moment, in the absence of having any other type to do. I’m being pleasantly surprised by some of the stuff I’m finding too - with airshow season usually being pretty busy, quite often so tend to pick through the shots I’ve taken at a particular show and deal with a few fairly quickly, then another show comes along, and a lot of the rest get left behind. It’s nice going back over shows from a few years ago, remembering laughs had with friends, particular displays that stood out, and places that were fun or interesting to visit. In normal circumstances I would probably never have got around to picking up on some of the albums I have been looking at so far - so this is definitely a positive from Lockdown.

Today marks the end of our 8th week of lockdown too - it seems incredible to think it has been quite that long, in many ways the time seems to have flown by, while in others it seems hard to believe that we haven’t been doing this for far longer. I’ve noticed in the past few weeks that seeing people interacting normally on TV - particularly in adverts which are intended to reflect normal life - feels very odd and unrealistic. Seeing people meeting up with friends, or having big family get togethers for example feels so far removed from our current normal that it’s hard to take seriously.

Oh - we called completion on the sculpture trail too early by the way - we still have the stretch along the river to officially do. We have walked and run it before of course, but decided we should go back over it again to formally tick off each of the sculptures, and find a couple that we hadn’t particularly noticed previously. A walk along the river is never any hardship anyway, in fairness!


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