Sunday, 17 May 2020

Day 55...

Sculpture trail completed! Another 10 mile Sunday walk today as well - not sure where we are going to walk next week now mind you! Some lovely ones today - from the beautiful steel structure at the Leisure Centre to “Runaway Rotovator” (above - if the photo ever transfers from my phone to my iPad for me to upload!) which has huge amounts of humour and expression and is possibly my favourite of the lot.

Hearing a lot of people struggling with weekends at the moment - particularly where like us they would usually have been out and about seeing friends, being social etc. For those who are still lucky enough to be working of course their working week has a structure - a degree of normality - to it, whereas weekends without the social aspect are for many a bit “nothingy” as one of my close friends said. She was dealing with it via chocolate and fizz which seems pretty sensible. In conversation it was established that cheese and crisps also work.

One bright spot on the horizon here is the rearrangement of our Hebrides trip - and all being well we will be making our first visit in the summer months which is most exciting - we always said that we wouldn’t feel ourselves properly equipped to move up there eventually until we had visited in all the seasons but what with Beer festivals and air shows summer has always proved to be a problem. We’ve visited in spring many times, winter several times, and even Autumn once, but this will be our first trip across in the summer. My tasks for this week once MrEH’s HR department approve the holiday is to get ferry tickets and on-route hotels booked up so that will keep me occupied.


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