Sunday, 10 May 2020

Day 48...

The final bits of work on the balcony (for now) and of course no sooner had we finished it than the sun went in! We’re absolutely delighted with it though - it’s well worth the time and money needed to get it done.

This afternoon we completed another section of sculpture trail around the town, ticking off several of the more further afield ones, although frustratingly several were out of reach inside buildings again. The walk turned into an epic 10.6 miles mind you - we were glad to get home and sit down! Some lovely exploring again though including pretty much all the way home following the stream that runs right through the southern parts of town. I think I might have found a nice route for trail running too!

The main news today is a statement from the Prime Minister announcing what measures may be used to start easing the lockdown. From the middle of this week we’re to be encouraged to exercise as much as we want, but still only with members of our own households. From 1st June at the earliest schools are expected to gradually return and the wider retail sector maybe allowed to re-open. From July it is expected that the hospitality industry will be allowed to begin to return to normal. It’s being stressed though that this does rely on the “R Number” - the reproduction rate of the virus - staying below 1, if it increases above that level we could see the brakes being applied and the Lockdown being enforced back to current levels again.


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