Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Day 57...

58 years ago today my parents married at St John’s Church, Walthamstow. It was a blustery, overcast day I’m told, and the warm, sunny weather for their anniversary today was a great improvement. The gentleman to the right of the photograph is my Mum’s Dad - Grandpop as I knew him, albeit only briefly as he sadly died when I was only small, and I have no real memory of him. Grandpop was a professional photographer and the family have often wondered if I inherited my love of photography from him.

The sunny weather is wonderful, but also in some areas of the country it’s encouraging people to roam further from home than is ideal at the moment. With this coming weekend having a bank holiday Monday attached too, it’s difficult to see things not getting worse on that front, particularly in national parks and on beaches. I imagine we will stay relatively local again - the RSPB are keeping their reserves closed for the time being, very sensibly I’d say, and we still have some ideas of places we want to walk locally. As a reminder, the current lockdown rules state that you can drive any distance in England to parks, or beaches, although this must be limited to locations you can get to and from in a day. Our view tends towards thinking that just because it is allowed, does not mean it’s advisable - increased distances mean increased risk of forced engagement with others where social distancing may not be possible - for example in the event of an accident or breakdown, and that is unfair on those we may come into contact with.  Some common sense is definitely required here - although in some quarters at least, that seems to be in short supply!


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