Friday, 8 May 2020

Day 46...

Bumped into my Dad and this little bundle of cute this morning while out for a walk - apparently the best thing in the world is to be standing in a field in the sunshine having the back of your neck scratched - simple pleasures when you’re a spoiled-rotten dog, eh!

Today was of course the 75th anniversary of VE Day and all over the country, within the restrictions in place for COVID-19, people have been marking the occasion. The Red Arrows did a flypast over London this morning with two friends of mine in the back of jets taking photo and video footage - and the results I have seen so far look excellent! A shame not to have been able to see it - in usual circumstances I would have been almost certain to have either headed into London for it, or to have found somewhere on the run-in for photos, but although I *could* have driven somewhere that we could have walked and caught them on the way through it would have felt wrong to do so. Instead we put our flags and bunting up at home and knuckled down to finishing the painting on the balcony and doing some more general tidying up. Now finished it looks SO much better - there is just one final job to do out there now and it will be finished - for now at least! We’re keen to get it really nice out there again as with it being unlikely that we will be away much over the summer this year it will be far better to have it nice to sit out there - this is one blessing of the time gifted to us by the lockdown of course, that we (and many others!) are finding the time to get these sorts of jobs done.


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