Friday, 22 May 2020

Day 60...


Soaking up the sun, enjoying the little haven that is our balcony. When the weather is lovely we sometimes eat all our meals in a day out here, and also plenty of time sitting,  chatting, watching the clouds race past...

Gooseberries picked ready for jam making. Still plenty on the bushes, too, ready for crumbles in a few weeks time once they are fully ripe.

Reading. Regardless of how busy my day is I always try to make some time for reading - even on busy days it’s my easiest, most accessible route to a few minutes of escapism and “me time”. 

More tidying in the garden - our wonderful Sage bush, planted not long after we moved in here and now an absolute riot of flowers each spring, will be grateful for a bit more light around her, and indeed now the greedy conifer isn’t taking it all, probably rather more water too. She has the added advantage of being right outside our bedroom window, making it easy to pick a few leaves when needed for roasting a chicken! 

Dried savoury leaves - another of the herbs we have planted although we probably make less use of this one than we should. She has long since sprawled off the garden area and onto the path, and so when we were tidying that area the other day, a few branches broke away. We hung them up (you can see a Sage branch in the same position in the first picture on this post) to dry and will be able to use them in that form in cooking.

I think a trip to the garden centre might be in order at some stage over the weekend - we have a voucher to spend from my parents, a gift for our wedding anniversary (next week) and are thinking of some sort of metal obelisk to go in the bit of the garden where the tree was - it will hide the stump and mean we can grow things like runner beans up it. Other than that, some baking tomorrow morning, and our regular zoom chat with pals tomorrow afternoon, we have no real plans though. There will be some walks, maybe the final bit of the sculpture trail. No plans to venture further afield really - we may pop back to Amwell, we may not. Let’s wait and see! 

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