Saturday, 23 May 2020

Day 61...

Another day begun on the balcony in the sun. Not quite as warm as it has been, and still very breezy, but still a lovely start to the day.

A walk, starting out through our local woodland. While by no means huge, there’s over a mile of trails through it, we’ve always enjoyed wandering around over there and I sometimes run round it too - particularly in the summer when the shade provided by the trees can be very welcome. 

Another local patch of green space. The town has a foundation of ensuring that every area has green space within it, and particularly where there are flats that do not have their own gardens. 

This little bridge has fascinated us for years - seemingly it’s a bit of a folly, as you can see it serves barely any purpose! Having walked both over and under it today we’re still none the wiser as to it’s existence, but as it appears to be being left to rot we suspect it may not exist for that much longer. 

It was dramatic skies all around today, and this one dropped a short sharp rain shower on us while we were out, too. Nothing that much, but we did take shelter under a (another, different!) bridge while it passed over, rather than getting completely drenched. This photo, by the way, along with the others here were taken with my phone and have been uploaded here with no adjustment whatsoever - yes, that sky really did look like that!

Finally, our now regular Saturday afternoon date - a zoom chat with the gang, a few beers, and a bit more jigsawing. This little bit of social activity in each week has become really important now - and in many ways it mirrors how things would be if we were all sitting together in a pub somewhere - discussion, debate, catching up on one another’s news.


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