Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Day 58...

A walk in the sunshine this morning, prior to the strangest lockdown experience yet. The funeral of a family member - being held in the North West so too far for us to attend - streamed via a live video link so that those of us across the rest of the country could watch. Probably 15 - 20 family members present when normally that number would have been 100 or more. Very surreal indeed - although I suspect less so than it would have been a few weeks previously when funeral directors etc would have very likely been wearing full PPE and even fewer people would have been allowed to attend.

Beyond that, it’s been a day of trying to be kind to ourselves - a chat with a good friend this afternoon, time sitting outside with a beer when MrEH finished work for the day, some more time processing photos for me. Taking time to stop and think.


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