Monday, 4 May 2020

Day 42...

Returning home from our sculpture trail walk yesterday we were somewhat perplexed to find a large patch of wild garlic cheerfully flowering away to itself not 300 yards from home. We’ve made a point of keeping an eye out for this wonderful plant locally for years with no success, so it’s slightly baffling to think how quite such a sizeable amount of it had managed to escape entirely unnoticed! anyway, having spotted it we wasted no time in making use of it - I wandered back to it his afternoon and gathered a bag full, half of which got eaten with pasta this evening, and I will be coming up with a plan for the other half tomorrow.

We made it out for a run this morning - I took MrEH on my new favourite route up through Potter Street and over the common - all either off road or using quiet streets, we covered a nice 4 miles before heading back for him to start his working day. I’m still struggling a bit with running at the moment - when I’m out doing it I’m happy as Larry, and for the rest of the day after a run I’m totally fired up for doing more, yet by a couple of days later when it’s time to run again the motivation has disappeared. At the moment I am mostly managing about one run a week which is far from enough so I need to enlist MrEH’s help to get me back to a rather more reasonable 2 - 3 time s I think. A job for tomorrow is to tot up my current distance for my RAF Museum challenge so that might encourage me!


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