Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Day 43...

Last night’s moon - not quite full. At this stage in the cycle the craters are far more visible and so easier to photograph - I’ll be trying to get some more shots over the next few days I think. With the weather looking better again for a few days now hopefully we will have clear skies.

I’m making a conscious effort this week to focus back on routines and good habits as I think I said a few days ago - so sleep, always a big one for me. Stretching - just three days of making time for that and I’m already feeling the benefits. Drinking more water too - something I always struggle with far more at home than in the office. I’ve been writing a task list every day this week too, and using the timer on my phone to set specific timescales for doing things like processing photos. This stops me from spending hours at a time hunched over the laptop - and for the same reason I’ve also banned myself from using the internet on there for most of the day, too. The other benefit of working like this - with specific things to achieve during the day - is that it helps to manage anxiety, while it doesn’t matter a jot if I get nothing whatsoever done during this time I know that I will curse myself later if I  don’t take the opportunity to do things like going through some of my old photos, so setting specific times to do things like this is a good way of dealing with this.

The main mission for the next few days will be to track down some more bread flour - I can *just* scrape together enough to make one more loaf I think having made the dough for another sourdough today - we have rolls in the freezer already for a couple of days lunches, but. One the start of next week we will be needing more bread and rolls made, so we really do need to find it now. An early morning round of the various supermarkets will be needed between now and the weekend I think!


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