Saturday, 16 April 2011

The End!

The end of the road, that is. A few years ago some local artists got involved with a project which was called the "Roadend Sculture trail" - so there are now 5 or 6 of these rather unexpected sculptures to be found around the islands. The common theme is that they are all supposed to reflect the landscape & community in some way, so for example one is a bench in the shape of a wave, tiled in blue/green tiles which were created by the children at one of the local schools. Another is caled "The Listening Place" if I recall correctly, and features a semi circle of seats all of which are made from old tractor seats. When you sit there and listen what you hear is perfect, amazing silence, so loud it is almost deafening.... The one above is our favourite - it can be found at the end of the road we stay on, and this evening after we had unpacked, been shopping, had a chat with Alasdair (owner of the cottage) and made a fuss of his dog, (Who thinks her name is "Sheila-get-down"!) Ben collapsed into a well deserved heap on the sofa with a book, and I went for a walk up the road to clear my head, enjoy the peace and quiet, and reaquaint myself with the surroundings.

We're crossing our fingers for some good weather - it's been very grey and dreary here over the past few months apparently but the general opinion is that the incoming high pressure should mean a change now - certainly at the moment the forecast for the week to come is amazingly good so please keep your fingers crossed that it stays that way! Regardless though, we have a cosy cottage with amazing views to stay in, beer in the shed - and the fridge - and are thoroughly looking forward to our time here.

Tomorrow's plan is a beach walk, so hopefully the first beach photo of the trip to come....


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