Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Another day of glorious weather today - the sun shone nearly all day although there was a hazy cloud layer present as well. We keep being thanked for all the fantastic weather we've "brought with us" as apparently most of the year so far here has been grey, grey, and grey some more! We knew we didn't want to stray too far from home today as we had plans to see friends for a meal this evening, so we headed round to Hosta on the west of the island for a walk. The intention was to find a natural rock arch that we had read about, but there was no sign of anything like that in the distance we went. We did come across a small colony of Fulmars though - seemingly unperturbed by our presence and quite happy to fly around us showing off, before landing back on the nesting area on the cliffs. They were also quite happy to have their photos taken!

Plans for tomorrow are "wait and see" at the moment, although the excellent XC Weather site tells us that another day of good weather is expected. We have in mind several walks that we fancy doing, so it might well be one of those - there are hills that we are hoping to climb also but that depends on me feeling brave enough to tackle them!

By the way for anyone as curious to know what happened to the group of walkers we alerted the Coastguard to the other night - the answer can be found via This link - nice to know they were all OK!


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