Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Photos rediscovered

This photo was taken back in 2008 - the first time I got "up close & personal" with the Angel of the North. I'd been past it on the A1 a few times, and always wanted to have a proper look, so when we were on our way back from the Farne Islands and had a bit of spare time we didn't hesitate to take the turn off to get closer!

Designed by Antony Gormley, the statue was completed in 1998 and now hosts over 150,000 visitors every year. 20 metres high and with a wingspan of 54m, it's not hard to see from the road either - and over 90,000 drivers a day do just that! From a photography point of view it's a fascinating subject - the shot above was taken with my lovely 12 - 24mm super-wide lens, the blue sky and white clouds does give a great backdrop! It's one of those subjects like the London Eye - each time you visit you find a new angle, or a different bit of detail to pick out. Endlessly fascinating - we'll be visiting again!



Scarlet said...

That's a beautiful photograph Robyn. I've only travelled past the angel of the North once - it was a grey, rainy day, but it was still an amazing sight.

Robyn said...

That's the bizarre thing - even on the greyest of days that statue STILL looks incredible!