Sunday, 7 February 2021

This week...


First snowdrops of the year!

The second week of my jury service, and due to a lack of trials I was released on Tuesday. Happy to have been selected at all, but also happy in the circumstances not to have been required to actually sit on a jury. 

A reasonable amount more walking this week - another 36.5 miles in fact which added to my January total takes me over the amount needed for my virtual Thames Path challenge. Evidence is now submitted for that one and it’s time to think about the next thing...! I also completed 3 strength workouts through the week, and lots more yoga - to which I may even be completely converted! They say it takes 28 days to make a habit, and perhaps coincidentally, or perhaps not, it was when doing day 28 of my yoga challenge this evening that I suddenly found myself getting into a pose which a month ago I could not even have got close to - that felt like a real breakthrough! I have 2 more days of the current challenge to do, and then I’ll be looking for more options to move on to. 

It feels like we are also making solid progress on our path through the freezers now too, and this weeks meals will make more impact there as well, although some of the r rains of today’s roast chicken will also probably be making their way in there before being used over the next few weeks. On a freezing cold day with snow drifting down outside though as it was today that full roast dinner really ticked all the boxes! 

Possibly the biggest things this week was that we decided to take a leap of faith and book a week away for a little later in the year. There IS a risk that we still won’t be able to travel by that stage, but we’re hoping that it will be far enough into the spring that things will have begun to be relaxed enough to allow it. MrEH has a lot of holiday time to use this year, and I will have some spare on normal as well due to the cancellation of the Great British Beer Festival for the second year on the trot - so we decided that something to look forward to was definitely the order of the day. 

Aims for the coming week - more walking of course, plus strength work and of course yoga/stretching! I’m tempted to try another dance type workout too as those can be fun - and surprisingly hard work! I also want to continue rehabbing my foot - I’ve had several days in the last week completely pain-free when walking, and I’m hopeful that another week might see my able to start back running again - fingers crossed! I also want to get out with the camera at least once - it’s a shame to see it just sitting in the bag so much at the moment, and there seems little prospect of being able to use it for aviation photos any time soon. The other main thing is to get back to regular survey work again - I’m keen to see how much I can make to supplement the regular payments to my 0% interest credit card, but motivation has been lacking more than it should, of late. 

Plenty to be going on with, anyway! 


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