Friday, 5 February 2021

Willing to be wrong...


Sometimes, on all sorts of things, as you gain more knowledge and experience, you come to realise that some of your earlier preconceptions were vast oversimplifications, or in some cases just plain wrong. I’ve had recent experience of this with - of all things - yoga! As I mentioned before, I decided that being unable to run for the last few weeks gave me the perfect opportunity to focus on strength work and stretching/flexibility, and one facet of this was to embark on a 30 day yoga challenge. 

I’ve seen people doing these Yoga With Adriene challenges before, and have even had a go at some of her practises myself, but just couldn’t get to grips with it. I found myself constantly unable to follow her cues, not knowing what any of the poses were, I spent half the workout twisting round trying to see the screen I had the workout on, and it just didn’t feel like something that was for me at all. I’d go as far as to say I ended the experience feeling more stressed than I started - not really the desired outcome for yoga! 

This time round things have been a bit different. Whether the challenge is more specifically aimed at those who may be quite new to practising yoga, whether I have enough additional knowledge now to make the cues easier to follow, or what, I have no idea, but after a slightly sceptical first few days I was surprised to REALLY take to it! I found quite early on that I was finding it far easier to get into some poses that I had previously struggled with, and certainly as the days have ticked by this has become even more true. I’m still struggling with some of the “sit still and do nothing” bits - but even that is getting easier over time. How easy it will be to keep up regular yoga practise time without a challenge of his sort to act as incentive, I don’t yet know, but I believe there are other challenges online that I can do first to help with building it as more of a habit. 

Hands up, right here - yoga IS for me, after all! 


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